What is a Clearspan – and When Do I Need One?

| Industry Insight

What, exactly, is a clearspan tent? It’s an aluminum frame that uses a track system to hold vinyl, hard PVC, or glass “walls” in place. It has no center poles, and creates a wide-open space for any special event.

Do I need a clearspan for my event? Use our helpful Q&A as your guide. If you can answer “yes” to any questions below, then a clearspan tent is your best bet.

Will you need open space under the tent?

Use a clearspan tent to deliver a completely unobstructed interior space. You’ll have more than enough room to do big build-outs! You can also build a clearspan structure around large items. (At EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, Arena Americas often assembles clearspan tents around airplanes.)

Is rough weather going to be a factor?

When you’re hosting an event in a place where wind or heavy storms might be a challenge, clearspan tents are the only structures engineered with a wind rating. Because the tent is designed with a track system rather than a hook and jump rope setup, the sidewall will have minimal movement in the wind.

Is this going to be a long-term rental?

To create a durable semi-permanent structure, we’re able to add hardwall or glass wall to make a clearspan tent more like a building.  You can also regulate the interior climate by integrating heating or cooling.

Will you have custom graphics?

For a corporate event or gala, clearspan tents are a cinch to brand. You can place graphics on the sidewall, gables, and rooftop panels. The surfaces are flat, so you’ll also have more control over the way your graphics display.

Do you plan to customize the structure itself?

A clearspan tent provides any event planner with options to make the space your own:

  • Choose white top/sidewall or clear top/sidewall. You can even add skylights by alternating white and clear tops.
  • Select a peaked top or round the ends to create a unique exterior.
  • Add a liner, chandeliers or other interior lighting, and glass doors to construct an elegant space.

Do you plan to hang anything in the tent?

Clearspan structures are the only tents engineered with a hang load. You’ll be able to hang A/V and lighting equipment or other items from beam clamps, which provide you with adjustable rigging points. Keep in mind that total hang loads vary based on the size of the clearspan.

Arena Americas has the largest tent/clearspan structure rental inventory in North America. You can find a listing of our clearspan products here.