Three Reasons to Rent a Construction Tent

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In a perfect world, every day would be sunny and seventy-five. But Mother Nature isn’t always the most empathetic, often giving us rain, snow, hail, wind, and every element under the scorching sun instead. For construction companies, that can cause headaches and get in the way of operations. But with temporary construction tents, more than just weather-related problems can be avoided.

Here are three reasons how construction tent rentals can pay off in a big way.

1) Maximize your Storage Space

As many construction companies know, the hidden costs of projects can sneak up and result in costing more than originally planned. One way to cut down on expenses is to set up your own storage facilities nearby or on the property.

By installing temporary construction tents on-site, it becomes easy to keep everything you need on hand instead of hauling away equipment each time it’s no longer needed. Not only does that cost hours during transportation, it can lead to untimely delays while waiting on parts and tools to be delivered. By setting up a storage tent, nothing is ever more than a couple of minutes away

2) Bolster Your Security Measures

Construction sites have a reputation for lacking security measures due to their size and the general difficulty of watching equipment. Unfortunately, those opportunities haven’t gone unnoticed by characters with bad intentions. Theft and trespassing run rampant at construction sites. Thankfully, temporary construction tents can help get those issues under wraps.

With storage tents, everything can be kept out of sight of unwelcome guests. Additionally, tents limit the points of access to these storage areas, helping cut down on what needs to be watched and allowing security to focus only on those entrance points.

Organizationally, tents can be the first step toward a storage system with everything assigned to a designated spot. When managers know where everything is supposed to be, it’s easier to notice as soon as something’s missing. The faster that realization comes, the smoother it is to track down who’s responsible.

3) Protecting Your Work Site

It’s no secret that bowls hold liquid. Unfortunately, that concept translates to bowls of all sizes, which can cause detrimental effects to construction jobs. With work that begins in the spring and lasts into the fall, when the weather is most unpredictable, unexpected rainfalls can drain into holes needed for foundations and concrete. That’s when the waiting game starts, as workers are essentially paralyzed until the sun can do its thing and the water cycle kicks in.

Temporary weather enclosures built over the most vulnerable spots help avoid these issues. Snow and rain no longer get into those hard-to-dry places under tents, allowing workers to keep plugging away at projects without losing time and money.

It’s not only the ground that needs protection from the elements, however. That same level of protection can go a long way toward keeping workers and equipment safe as well. Although durable, weather can cause wear and tear on expensive machines that make the job easier than using a shovel, so making them last as long as possible can help reduce future expenses to replace them. With tents large enough to house equipment day and night, the wear and tear from the weather decreases dramatically

Furthermore, one of the biggest concerns at construction sites has always been the safety of the workers. One mistake can lead to disaster, such as injury or worse. Construction tent rentals can help workers avoid potentially dangerous mistakes and keep the worksite free from incident.

Working under a beating sun or through a chill wind can take a toll on workers, leading to tired minds handling dangerous equipment. With temporary weather enclosures, workers can stay attentive for longer and safely operate machinery, which speeds up production and helps stay on schedule.

Tents are an asset during downtimes, too. By taking breaks in shelters, workers receive a quick recess from nature and recover faster. In turn, that leads to higher worker morale, increased productivity, and expedited timelines without risking safety.

With so many benefits to temporary construction tents, they can go a long way toward helping meet your deadline and your bottom line. Get in touch with an Arena Americas consultant today to figure out what tent rental solutions best suit your needs!