How to Host an Easy Outdoor Party for Kids – and Adults!

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An outdoor party is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, bring family together for a reunion, or host the annual Labor Day cookout. Before you pick up decorations or create a menu, get ready to set up the perfect venue – your backyard!

Whether you plan to invite 25 people or 125 people, Arena Americas can recommend 3 things to rent for kids and 3 things to rent for adults to make your backyard bash a success.

What to Set Up for the Kids

“Build Your Own” Buffet

Put out any ingredients you need to build-your-own sandwich or taco. The concept makes it so easy to do 100% of the prep before the party, adapt to dietary restrictions, and let kids build a plate independently.

Drink Station

Whether it’s water, Gatorade, or fresh lemonade, a drink station helps kids help themselves to thirst-quenching beverages. It’s also more cost-effective to serve kids’ drinks in bulk, rather than single-serve juice boxes or mini-sodas.

Bounce House

It’s not a party without a Bounce House! For kids, a bounce house – especially one shaped like a castle – is a great place to play the day away. For parents, the bounce house means that kids are happy and occupied.

What to Set Up for the Adults

Room to Relax

Let your grown-up friends kick back in the shade. Put up a tent to create a right-size event space in your backyard. (Plus, the tent means you can hold your party outdoors, rain or shine.)

Tables & Chairs

The more people you have ­– the more fun your party will be! Make sure you’ve got enough tables and chairs so guests have a place to sit back and talk, munch on snacks, and enjoy drinks and good company.

Cold Drinks

There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching into the ice water on a hot August day. Use a super-size tub filled with ice to keep your beer, water, and soda ice-cold.

Arena Tip: Reserve your party rentals ASAP once you set the date for a party – you know how crazy “summer event season” can be!

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