How to Host a Successful Outdoor Party – in Any Weather

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You never know how Midwest weather is going to be! But there’s a silver lining here – your tent rental can be Plan A and Plan B for any outdoor party.

What’s in the forecast on your event day?

Light Rain

It seems that rain causes the most panic among our event planners. It’s a good idea to rent a tent that’s large enough to hold most of your guests, with any overflow situated comfortably in the garage, covered porch, or in the nearby house/venue. For higher-end events, when guests may be in formal or cocktail wear, add temporary flooring to your tent to protect people from damp or muddy grass. You can also add walkway tenting to keep your guests dry.

Pro Tip: You’re having a wedding with an outdoor ceremony? The rain plan is simple – have your ceremony in the tent, perhaps on the dance floor, and ask guests to sit at their assigned tables when you two say “I do.”

Cold Weather

For a casual event in April or May, and September or October, you can order and hang tent sidewalls. (It’s a vinyl wall that closes off the tent.) Simply remove the sidewall if you wake up and it’s a beautiful day! HVAC systems can certainly be rented and used to keep guests warm at a more formal event.

Hot & Humid

On a hot-weather day, Arena Americas recommends an open tent – that means no sidewalls. It will create a good shady place for your guests and also allow a light breeze to circulate. You can rent large fans to keep the air moving, and it doesn’t hurt to have a beverage server filled with ice-cold water on hand, either.

For any backyard event, such as a graduation party or barnyard-style wedding, your guests know they’re going to an outdoor celebration. They’ll be prepared for the elements with an umbrella or a blanket! You can always rely on family and friends to turn a wild weather day into a party to remember.

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