Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Tent

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Using a tent for any backyard event is the perfect way to keep your guests comfortable. But what size tent do you need for a party with 100 wonderful guests? Where in your backyard can you put a 30′ x 40′ tent? Can you set up a tent on a patio – or under that maple tree?

You have questions. Arena Americas has:

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Tent Rentals

Step 1: Firm Up Your Guest Count

The number of people at your event and what kind of tables / seating you plan to have will help you determine what size tent you’ll need. Take a look at your guest list! Then use our Number of People per Tent Size guide.

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Step 2: Get to Know Your Backyard

To set up a standard pole tent, the area should be a flat grass or asphalt surface. You’ll need a tent footprint with no brick/concrete patios, decks, overhanging trees or shrubs, or any other obstacles.

For a bird’s eye view, check out your backyard on Google maps. If you’re unsure about whether or not something might be in the way, take photos with your smartphone or digital camera and email them to your Account Manager.

Step 3: Decide Where the Tent Will Go

How much space do you have for your tent? Here’s a quick two-step process to figure that out:

  1. Measure the flat backyard where you plan to put a tent.
  2. Add 5’ to each side for set-up/staking. If you want a 30’ x 40′ tent, you’ll need an area that’s 40’ x 50’.

For smaller backyards, we often recommend frame tents simply because the guylines for a pole tent extend 5 ft. beyond the tent’s perimeter. (A frame tent’s stakes do not extend past the footprint of the tent or it can be weighted, so there’s no need for that extra space.)

Understand the 3 Types of Tents

Step 4: Prep For Tent Delivery / Set-Up

To keep your property safe, Arena Americas will contact Digger’s Hotline to mark all public utilities. (It’s one less thing for you to think about.) But if you have any work that’s been done – such as a sprinkler system or electric that runs from your house to a detached garage, shed or barn – you will need to mark prior to set up.

Digger’s Hotline may mark up your yard with spray paint, so cut your lawn several days before Arena sets up your tent. That way you won’t risk mowing away the important markings!

A backyard event is the perfect way to celebrate a family reunion, birthday party, or baby shower. We’d recommend that you reserve a party rental as soon as you’ve selected the date to lock down your tent!

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