Emergency Response

Arena has modular, durable, temporary structures that can be rapidly deployed for emergency response to the growing Covid-19 needs.  Structures can be used for testing, patient overflow, food service, storage or any operational and support needs.  They are assembled quickly and can be fully functioning within days of order placement.

We have created a unique structure in response to the call from the Federal Government to provide drive-thru testing facilities throughout the country.  This allows testing to be done while preventing congestion at local hospitals and keeps the public safe from contamination.

These structures can be modified, both in width and length, to accommodate any size footprint, while providing protection from the elements.

Arena can have a facility in-place within 72 hours post confirmation.

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Eastern Region: 407.297.1165
Midwest Region: 414.831.7000
Toll-Free: 800.383.6332