Arena Americas Provides Dinosaur Sized Structures for Jurassic World: The Exhibition

| Chicago Events, Events

Jurassic World: The Exhibition made its Midwest debut at the Field Museum in Chicago.  The exhibition was based on the blockbuster franchise, Jurassic World, and immersed guests in scenes inspired by the film, including life-size animatronic dinosaurs (some more than 24’ tall), a family-friendly Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, The Hammond Creation Lab, and the Raptor Training Paddock.  Arena Americas provided clearspan structures adjacent to the museum to accommodate the height and square footage requirements of the exhibit.

Arena Americas’ project managers worked with the Field Museum’s engineer to determine a tenting solution for the uneven grassy area on the northwest corner of the museum.  Some complicated design work was performed to create two clearspan structures, 30m x 35m and 25m x 20m on 5.4m legs, to fit in the 17,000 square foot space and connect with a transition gable.  The scaffold floor also had to be installed on and around the steps and railings that surrounded the museum, requiring careful measuring and precise installation.

The tents were fit out with a custom 5.4m hardwall system that was designed to withstand the high winds and cold weather in Chicago.  Arena Americas also designed a custom black liner for the interior of the structures out of an elastic material.

The exhibit space was connected to the museum with a 320′ walkway created with custom tent widths and offset beams.  The walkway also accommodated a variety of staircases and height differences with custom leg heights and leveling during the installation process.