Green Initiatives

Arena Americas is committed to promoting sustainability. We aspire to follow and to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impacts of our trade.

Sustainability Guidelines

  • To fully comply with all environmental legislation relating to our business, including all regulations and codes of practice.
  • To consider the environment and environmental options in all codes of practice.
  • To communicate and make our staff aware of the importance of our sustainability policy.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of all office, warehouse, and transportation activities.
  • To continue research and development on environmentally friendly options and strive to improve our sustainability performance.

Sustainability Practices


  • Keeping paper usage to a minimum by communicating electronically wherever possible.
  • Purchasing recycled paper and paper products and continuing to recycle within all administration areas.
  • Consulting and complying with all local authority policies and standards including recycling and waste disposal.
  • Encouraging the contribution of ideas amongst our staff to “Go Green.”
  • Conserving energy by limiting usage in our day-to-day business.
  • Investigating possible ways to introduce and improve our uses of renewable sources of energy with regard to lighting, fuel, and heating.
  • Encouraging industry colleagues to adapt and share similar practices.
  • Committing to work with other environmentally conscious companies.


  • Continued investment in researching new products that offer environmentally friendly options.
  • Using only high-quality fabric tent materials to ensure versatility and reusability.
  • Printing custom graphics with a pigment solvent-based ink that has outdoor durability with a typical lifespan of three to five years.
  • Rejuvenate, repair, and reuse the products until the quality is no longer suitable to rent.
  • Have an in-house tent repair and painting center to extend the rental life of each product.