4 Things You Need to Know About Backyard Wedding Rentals

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We love the look of a backyard wedding! Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you build a wedding budget for rentals – and plan what goes where in the backyard.

1. There is more than one kind of tent.

For any backyard tent rental, we’ll likely recommend one of three kinds of tents based on your backyard surface and style preferences.

Will the tent be set up on grass or asphalt? Try a pole tent. It has a classic look and can be staked directly into grass or asphalt. (It’s also your most budget-friendly choice.)

Will the tent be set up on concrete? Depending on the square footage, you’ll need either a frame tent or a clearspan tent. They’re both kept in place with weights instead of stakes, which means they’re the best choice when a set-up crew can’t stake directly into the ground.

Do you need a completely open interior space? You’ll see that pole tents do have a handful of center poles. To create an open space with no center poles, select a frame tent or clearspan tent.

2. You’ll rent a tent that’s the perfect size for your space.

We’ll help you calculate exactly what size tent you need. In order to do that, we’ll need to know:

  • How many guests will attend?
  • Is the meal served or buffet-style?
  • Will there be a dance floor?
  • Will you have a head table? What about a cake table and/or a gift table?

We’ll use the details of your special day to determine what size tent is best, and work with you to make sure it fits in your backyard space! (It’s good to be conscious of how much space you have – for example, your backyard space may have an absolutely beautiful garden, but can’t accommodate 250 guests.)

3. You can rent separate chairs for the ceremony / reception – or not.

When you rent one set of chairs for the ceremony and another for the reception, you’ll have the freedom to choose a different style for each set of chairs. For example, you can have garden chairs for the outdoor ceremony and mahogany Chiavari chairs for the reception.

You can also use the same set of chairs for both parts of your special day. It’s a snap to set up the chairs for the ceremony, and work with your facility to re-locate the chairs or enlist your ushers/groomsmen to help. We’d suggest holding a cocktail hour in a separate location while the chairs are moved to the reception tent. (You can even ask each of your guests move their own chairs!)

4. Go ahead – you can use that wedding tent for your rehearsal dinner, too.

For a Saturday wedding, we’d set up the tent on Wednesday or Thursday before. This gives you a chance to decorate and really make the space your own, and it also means you’re able to use the tent more than once. To keep your wedding budget in check, you can host a rehearsal dinner and even the gift opening brunch outdoors as well.

Ready to build a budget for your backyard wedding? We’re here to help!

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