4 Easy Tips to Make Your Company Event a Success

| Industry Insight

Building your company’s marketing strategy for 2017? Events are likely part of the plan. Whether you’re hosting a gala event or a casual workshop, Arena Americas has a couple suggestions to help things go smoothly. Originally published by Chicago View.

1. Set Goals & Budget

Before you book the venue or pick a date, consider what you expect an event to help you accomplish. Are you trying to capture leads? Build a corporate culture? Your goals help you decide how to allocate budget. If you don’t already have a budget, now is the time to put rough numbers in place!

2. Build an Event Plan

Mentally walk through the event. Will you need a check-in table? How about extension cords or whiteboard markers? What’s on the menu? Then, chart out everything you’ll need – from A/V equipment to zebra-print linens – and set due dates for when you need each item in-hand. This will keep the day of the event from sneaking up on you.

3. Stay on Brand

The event venue is a blank canvas! Make sure tables / chairs, linens, and china, and the décor align with your company’s brand or the event’s goals. Keep in mind that items provided by the venue may not support what you’re trying to accomplish. When you’re looking to nurture a client relationship, for example, you don’t want to have uncomfortable chairs and plastic cups.

4. Provide Catering

To encourage clients or guests to interact at your event, plan to set up food and beverage stations during breaks or meals. Going above and beyond – say, an authentic local breakfast instead of yogurt and mini-bagels – will make a great topic for conversation among guests.